Kimberly Pelesz New York Law, LLC on Twitter

With highly experienced attorneys specializing in both family and criminal law, Kimberly Pelesz New York Law, LLC on Twitter is firm in their commitment that all individuals seeking for their advice and help will be dealt with great care and attention. Their online presence has already been well proved, having been in social media in the Twitter stream for about three years in the making.
Their page has a constant stream of updates and newsletters about the law side of domestic and criminal troubles we all may have heard of in one way or another, and this particularly helps victims and clients (note: also possible future) know the basics of what to do should a similar situation in their lives arise.


2Most of the time, the social media posts link back to their own law web page wherein analyses of the typical cases are delivered in a manner by which even those who are most unfamiliar with the law aspect of things can still understand. Brief but concise stories are laid out, with real life experiences being shown. As is expected, complete confidentiality follows as a rule, and all the examples given are simply based on general terms which everyone can still relate with nonetheless. And if one would wish to be constantly updated with newsletters and streams coming from the mentioned law office, then one simply has to register on their site—this is a free tool for everyone to make use of, and with just a few simple clicks, a request would be sent directly to their page.

Other interesting articles from various journals and sources are also being shared by the Twitter page. Crime issues that have an impact on one’s legal partner and children are being highlighted, and the factors range from pre-nuptial agreements to court settlements and divorce preparations and expectations. Trends of violence are not at all forgotten, and so are tips about relieving oneself of stresses. Truly, this is a well-rounded site, which is a gem for law firms.

Social media

3What makes the social media page rather interesting is that the influx of words is not extreme; everything is mellowed down by the use of helpful pictures, and if anything, the articles still have that articulate pitch without losing its intriguing side. Advice are also being given in general, and one would think that reading it would most definitely help in a future occurrence. After all, one must know their rights if an unexpected arrest or raid would take place. And aside from all the downpour of law information, what is refreshing is that the psychological aspect is not lost. Some memos are even being shared to help readers understand the differences between adult and juvenile crime experiences and how such minds differ in the aspect of a handful of things. We could see that this is not just a heartless law firm that is uncaring of its clients as long as cases are being won–we could see that they truly do care for the individuals that seek for their help.

It is clear that these lawyers are very capable and knowledgeable on all the areas of criminal and family law. Add that to the compassion they clearly show on their work and on how they deal with their clients, this institution would definitely set a standard for the rest.…