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Understanding the Different Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding pictures are very important because they serve as tangible memories of your wedding day. It is important to make sure that you have an idea of how you want your pictures to look like. Discussing with your wedding photographer is the best way to get an idea of your style.

A good photographer will help you in choosing your ideal style based on your personality and how you want to remember your day. Here are some of the different styles that you need:

Documentary style

Documentary wedding photography style is a favorite forwedding photography many people today. With this style, the wedding pictures are random and unplanned. The idea is to create a story for the wedding just like the normal documentaries that we know.

The main advantage of this photography style is the fact that it brings the true feeling of the wedding. You get a chance to experience what happened on the wedding day unfiltered. This is a good option if you want raw memories of the wedding.

Portrait style

Portrait wedding photography style is the classic style of taking wedding pictures. The process of taking pictures is planned, and everything is done based on a certain arrangement.

You have to pose for the pictures, and the portraits are taken based on certain events like the cake cutting, exchanging bands and other methods of taking wedding photos. The portrait style is an old way of taking pictures, but it is still appreciated even to-date.

Artistic style

wedding photographyThe artistic style is one of the best styles for artistic couples who want something out of the ordinary. With this style of photography, the photographer has the freedom to add some art to the photography.

You will notice the manifestation of art through the photography angles as well as the lighting. The photography, in this case, is not planned or traditional. It is all about taking random pictures and incorporating some art into the


While artistic style is all about bringing art into photography, edgy style is all about going bold. With edgy photography, the wedding photographers bring out the fine details of the pictures. The shooting of pictures is bold and edgy.

This is a good style for couples who want to look for something out of the ordinary. The edgy style is unique, and it requires photography with a wide imagination and some artistic nature.


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Benefits of Using DNA Test Kits for Dogs

Someone is thinking, DNA for dogs? Yes, it is extremely important for dog owners to test the DNA of their dogs. You will learn a lot about your dog, and you will be able to understand it better. This article will discuss some of the major benefits of DNA test kits for dogs. In addition to the benefits discussed in this article, PuppyWire picks will guide you to the best dog DNA test. Read on.

Learn About the Breeds That Make up Your Dog

white dogThe person who sold you your dog might have told you that it is a Pit Bull Mix. The dog might have the physical characters of that breed, but you cannot be sure unless you carry out a test. You will be shocked to know that your dog is made of more than five different breeds. Yes, different from what you knew.

Breed Percentages

A DNA test will let you know the exact percentages of each breed. Not all DNA tests can do this, but there are some tests which can tell you the exact percentage of each breed the dog is made of. Such details are used for the health of your dog.

Dog’s Behavior

Understanding the exact breeds which make up your dog allows you to understand the behavior of your dog and their needs. It will be clear to you why the dog behaves in a certain manner and hence treating it the right way. Understanding the behavior of your dog makes both of you happy.

You Will Understand the Dog’s Health Risks

huge dogAbove everything else, the test is able to reveal the health risks in your dog. Knowing its genetic makeup helps you understand what to expect regarding the health of your dog and its lifespan. Such details will help you take the right measures in the prevention of certain diseases. You will know how to deal with them better as well.
With the exact breed details, you can even research on common ailments in the breed. If you find out that your breed is likely to suffer from canine arthritis or canine cancer, you will watch out for symptoms and learn about preventive measures. With such conditions, the earlier you treat them, the better. It is clear how beneficial DNA testing for your dog is important. And the best thing is, the process is affordable and can be done from home.



Four Tools Needed For Jewelry Repairs

A major characteristic that makes jewelry look beautiful is the delicate appearance it has. However, this means that it can be broken easily. Fortunately, there are tools that make it easy to carry out repairs at home rather than paying professionals to do the same work. You can find these tools at hardware or craft store. If you use these tools, you will find it cheaper than hiring a professional to carry out the repairs. The following are some tools you should have in your toolbox.

Jewelry repair tools


tg2wed6cyhwed7ui22Although it appears obvious, it is quite necessary to have a great workstation. You should note that the majority of the accessories are made of tiny chain links, gems, and beads. If you want to try jewelry repairs from the comfort of your home, then you should have a dedicated desk or table where your project will not be disturbed. Moreover, the area ought to be well-lit and be spacious enough to accommodate your tools. Also, ensure the tools are stored far and safe from pets, strong drafts, or small children. Also, you may need a magnifying glass.


It does not matter the material you want to have repaired. You just need a set of pliers. One will be used to hold the piece in place and the other used in opening jump rings, attach clasps, and set jewels. There are different forms of pliers may be used to do these jobs. The round-nose pliers can be quite useful in bending materials. The standard pliers can be found easily and are useful in carrying out various projects.

Soldering iron

tg2wed76huw87eu2This is a tool, which is used to smelt a piece of metal so as to form a connection between two pieces of metal. After it cools, it will permanently bond pieces together.  After the solder cools, it can permanently bond the two pieces together. It is great for closing the jump rings, reattaching metal beads, or repairing chains. The pliers, which are mentioned above are quite essential when using the soldering iron. The torch creates a lot of heat, which can burn the user.

Jeweler’s epoxy

A soldering iron is not the appropriate tool for jewelry repairs. If you want to reattach loose stones such as opals or pearls, then you should use epoxy. It is a special type of glue, which needs mixing before using it. Before you apply it, ensure you remove the old glue first.…